Bog Monster

Whenever I passed the bog, I made sure to avert my eyes. Made sure to walk quietly, move quickly. When possible, I avoided the bog. Skipped that part of the woods altogether.

No one told me that it was dangerous. Nobody explained what lurked in the water. What kind of things belonged to bogs. No one had to. I just knew:

I didn’t want to find out. Continue reading “Bog Monster”

To Make It

Fake it till you make it. I’ve heard that so many times I think it’s been carved into my eardrum.

Fake it till you make it.

What is that even supposed to apply to? Everything? Fake being a duck until you are a duck? What the hell kind of crap advice is that? Fake being happy until you are happy? How does that help anyone?

Here’s my motto:

If you’re happy? Be happy. If you’re sad? Be sad. And if you’re mad?

Be furious.

I wonder how often you stand up there, in front of everyone, looking happy but really you’re not. I wonder how often you fake those smiles for the kids. How often you despise helping people when you’re in the midst of putting out fires, fighting villains or saving kittens from trees.

How often do you fake your love Mom?

It’s that question, that’s the one that’s driven me mad. Continue reading “To Make It”