Patient Enough to Focus

He was so eager.

Probably too eager.

It meant his focus was haywire.

He kept peeking, looking through the glass. Bouncing up and down with excitement.

I sighed.

“You can’t cross over yet.”

“Why ?” he demanded, head whipping away from the glass to face me.

I chuckled at his dire expression.

“You’re not ready yet.”

“Then when will I be ready?”

“When you’ve completed your training.”

“But that’ll take forever!”

“If you keep stopping to look through the glass, then, yes. It will.”

It was enough to get him to come away from the glass.

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Warm Winter

It rained down on us. White flurries of frosty fury. Tiny morsels that, alone, meant nothing. But together?

They covered everything.

And it was in this blanket of quiet that I went searching.

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