Hopeful Lights

I was not interested in the humans at first. Not at all.

Thousands of years—or, perhaps, it was the blink of an eye, I can’t be sure—passed before I finally found out why my kind were so enamored by them. Why they found them amusing. Entertaining. Why they risked their lives, and our secrets, in order to interact with them.

After a good long while, I figured it out.

Such small, delicate creatures. So powerless. And yet:

So hopeful.

The beauty of humanity was locked into that fact. Showcased in their faces as the sky lit with stars in the chasm of the night. How enamored they were with the world. How wondrous they found life, even in the darkest of nights.

Such helpless creatures. Unable to grasp their circumstances, unable to withhold the hand of death, and yet:

Still hopeful.

Always hopeful.

At least:

The strong ones were, anyway.

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Because it’s no longer just on Inkitt.

It’s on amazon, too

The cover is not what I wanted it to be, but, I figure for the e-book, it doesn’t matter so much, since you won’t be seeing it all the time. It’s not too awful, it just isn’t what I wanted.


There it is! Self-published since Inkitt has been ignoring me! I’m working on making a paperback copy available too, but I need to wait for my next paycheck to buy proofs. Once I do that and approve of the proofs, I’ll go ahead and publish it in physical form as well.

But MAN.

That took forever and was waaaaaaay more complicated than I expected it to be. Which, honestly, was my bad. I shouldn’t have expected it to be easy.

Silly me.

But there she is! In all her self-published glory! I’m still earning reads on Inkitt, of course, and I won’t take the book down from there because that just feels mean to do to my Inkitt readers, but this is a good way to expand a little bit, and to—maybe—start earning something for the weirdnesss that I put into words. That said, I’m still going to be doing my best to write short stories daily, and I’ll still be working on writing the second book as well (and working full-time, woohoo!). Though I wouldn’t expect that second book to happen anytime soon, just because the editing process takes me a while.


A long, long time, actually.

But I’d also like to thank everyone here for their support. You guys are incredible and amazing! My writing blog has been an excellent experience for me, and something that I definitely cherish, and that’s really thanks to you all. Thank you for your support, for taking the time to read this nonsense that I write, and for encouraging me.

You guys are a blessing.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Another Book Update :)

Into the Wilderness

Written by:


If you’re new here (or maybe you just haven’t heard) I’ll tell you a secret.

I wrote a book!

Alright, so it’s not a secret. It’s clearly on the internet and viewable by anyone who desires to view it. So, not a secret.

But I digress.

I haven’t done an update about it in a while, so here are the stats:

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 link to book 

Hey everybody!

I have had a week man. Like, a week. It has been exhausting. After this, I’m going to take a nap because this is my first day off in six days, and I worked three of the four jobs I have this past week, so I am exhausted.

But, before I do take a nap, I figured I’d do an update.

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Another Book Update!

Hey everybody! It’s been a few weeks, so I thought y’all might like an update (spoiler alert: I am actually a tad bit southern, sorry).

For those who don’t know, I wrote a book. It’s about werewolves! (go figure) And you can check it out FOR FREE  here.

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Another update

Hey everyone!

So, I am exhausted and I have exactly no time today to work on a story. And for that, I am so so sorry. Usually I have something stored up for days like these but, alas, I do not today.

It has been really freaking busy.

So instead, I figured I’d do an update on my book.

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YEAH!!!! Book update

link is here 

Hey everybody! I haven’t done a book update in a few (time is irrelevant to me, so it feels like forever and somehow yesterday that I last updated, but I think its been longer, but I don’t know because, again, time seems irrelevant to me. Probably because the only thing breaking up my days is when I work at my other job, or my other other job, or my other other other job, as opposed to working my primary job, but, anyhow, I digress) and I’m REALLY stoked about this update because… well… I feel like I’m making headway.

*Knocks on wood*

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