Bone Dragon

It rose.

From the dark that separated the lava’s dim light and myself. Rose up, from the burning earth. A tan color, singed at the edges, that poked through the folds of red, glowing earth. It rose steadily, meaningfully. It’s sockets were empty, dark. I could feel death seeping from them. Hades itself spilling from the empty holes.

It rose.

The bone dragon.

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Mournful Bones

On Halloween, I met someone special.

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Bone Reckoning

It wasn’t raining. Wasn’t night. The sun was shining through the window, beaming through the curtains to bring him the slightest ounce of light.

He didn’t want it.

He had no right.

A monster, a beast. The blood stained his house, beckoned at every door. He’d hunted, and he’d trapped, and he’d ripped them to shreds. Threw out their peace to bring favor for their dead.


The light was not his. Certainly, he had no right.

He picked up his pen, squinting at the sun. The thoughts haunting him, the terror of night.

And with his thoughts swirling, the dead rising in their call.

He began to write:

Journal entry 74, book 1189.

More than likely, this is my last entry. I hope to survive this ordeal, but I don’t believe I will.

If God is true, and just, and mighty, then I will not.

If God is truly mighty, then surely:

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Tomorrow’s Fight

Trembling in the night.

That’s what I remember most.

A biting, bitter cold that settled into our bones. The unavoidable urge to shake. To shudder. Our hearts beating along anyway, begging for warmth.

Was it that cold before?

I didn’t think so. I still don’t think so.

There was something else settling around us. Not a change in the weather, but a change in the atmosphere. The heavy fog collecting around us, engulfing.


That’s what it was.

Because there was the unshakable knowledge, the undoubted presence of the future. A train running for a station, unyielding, unstoppable. The future coming for us.

And it wasn’t bright.

They were coming.

In fact, they’d be here soon.

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Bone Loss

Stumbling across things in the woods is what I live for. What I’d die for. There’s so much out there, just waiting to be found.

I was still young at the time. Young enough that I didn’t know.

But now I do.

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Speaking Bones

Bones ward off evil. That’s what my grandfather used to say. They were used by witches, yes, but they were first things of beauty. Of life, and of death. An unbreakable circle of inevitability. Bones craft the world, and the world is crafted around its bones. Circular reasoning? Yes. But, grandfather always believed that was the way of the world. Things that go around come around. Everything comes full circle in the end. A life spent on a tilt-a-whirl.

Bones are required for life. And bones are required for death. A bone is vital to a creature. Bones are vital to all creatures.

There are more than enough bones in the world.

More than enough.

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If you’ve never been lost in the jungle with a guy who might actually be insane, then:

You’ve never known real fear.

I wasn’t sure how Chad talked me into this. Maybe he drugged me. But, regardless, I was here, in this jungle, following him. And what was Chad doing in this jungle? All I have is one word and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me:

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Bearing Bones

“Is that guy… is he… carrying a bag of bones?”

“I–I think so. You can see some sticking out the top.”

“What the devil is he doing that for?”

Yes. I’m the guy carrying a bag of bones. It ain’t easy you know. After about four sets, this things gets overwhelmingly heavy. But, it’s my job, so I do it.

What do I do with the bones?

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