Gentle Darkness, Soft Light

The ghost breathes. A wind that chills me. Turns the temperature down.

Relieves me.


And here I was, wandering about clueless.

Thinking that I was alone. Continue reading “Gentle Darkness, Soft Light”

Beach Town

I can feel the rush of it in the air. Pulling, away and then gently moving forward. Pressing. Drawing. Taking and giving. The sands on the shore bow to the whims of the ocean, and the sea’s breeze kicks the smell of the salt into the air. Stinging the back of my nose. Powering that feeling. Fueling what I already know:

I’m home. Continue reading “Beach Town”

Cold Seas

Not a lot of people realize just how dark the sea is at night.

It’s extremely dark.

Night rolls in, oppressing the horizon line. You look out, wondering where the ocean ends and the sky begins. The stars glitz in the distance, lights that are long since gone. A small condolence for the onslaught of blinding night. A tiny indicator, for those who are in the know.

The northern stars blinks.

And I blink back.

The night is dark.

The ocean still roars.

And I’m still blind. Continue reading “Cold Seas”

Beast of the Surf

Living in the gulf is hard.

At least, when you’re a surfer it is.

There’s never any surf.

If you want surf, you have two options: you go to the other coast.


You wait for a storm.

East coast? Nah. I don’t have time to putt my butt over there. Plus, there’s a ton more sharks in those waters.

So, guess which option I went with. Continue reading “Beast of the Surf”

Figments of Us

It was my fault.

We were in the woods that day because of me. Because I selfishly wanted a picnic in the woods. In a meadow. And, being the kind man that he is, Cisco agreed.

If I’d know what would happen, I’d have definitely made us stay home. Not just avoid the woods, but stay home.

Because that day? There was a massacre. A Ripper on the loose. And, of course, who else would become one of its victim but him?


That day, Cisco became a Figment.

And it was all my fault.  Continue reading “Figments of Us”

A Dream of Jungles

Going, and going, and going…

I know what I was made for.

Sitting still, dormant, living in the town you were born. That isn’t me. It never was, and it won’t ever be the person I’ll become.

Because I want more.

I hunger for more.

Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with this town. Or the people. In fact, I don’t mind it here.

But this place doesn’t have it.

Don’t ask me what “it” is. I just know it isn’t here.

From here, I’ll be going.

And I can’t stand the idea of anything stopping me. Continue reading “A Dream of Jungles”