Ghost Fire

It was on fire.


In an instant, the smoke alarm was protesting. Yelling at me from above. Judging, like a tiny, angry, petty god. Screeching before I could fix my mistake. Refusing me a chance to right my wrong.

Waking my mentor.

Disheveled, he burst through the door—his bluish white hair all askew, and his beard half-smushed from sleep—his eyes going wide when he saw the scene before him. When he saw the flames, and smoke, and chagrined look on my face.

“Damnit Beatrice, I told you: no summoning fire-sprits! And definitely not in the house!”

“Yes sir,” I intoned, saddened as he grabbed the fire extinguisher.

And, with one blast of continuous white fog, he put the fire out.

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Ambition is Not for Quitters

You know what’s stupid?

Giving up.

Giving up just because. Just because it got harder, or became more tiresome, or because it wasn’t as smooth a road as you thought it’d be.

It’s stupid.

Give up because you don’t want that path anymore. Because your goals have changed. Because you’ve found something better. Give up because what you want is something else. Give up when you’ve reached a point where you understand yourself better, understand your goals better.

Yeah, sure. That’s fine.

But giving up just because?

That’s stupid.

Stupid, and pointless.

Where’s the assurance in that?
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The Finest Present

A present is a present is a present. The fact that someone is thinking of you enough to give you something should, in and of itself, give you something wonderful. That, in itself, should be enough.

But sometimes…

…it’s not.

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