And, welcome back!

Today is a very strange day, and a very special day. Luckily, since it’s my one day off, I have time to do this today.

But, guys…


*insert tears here*

Oh golly.

For those of you interested, this was my first post, the original welcome. Essentially, I wasn’t wrong. This place has been weird. Sometimes ideas hit me and I have to give myself a sidelong glance and wonder why it is that I even thought of that thing.

But, hey, I think we all do that sometimes.

Recently, I’ve realized that everyone has shower thoughts. You know, randoms threads of thought that happen as you’re in the shower. Usually, they shut off with the water, but…

Mine don’t.

And you all deal with it as I turn it into story form.

Thanks for that.


Just for fun, let’s review my first year of blogging!

I have:

435 published posts.


Accumulated 1,801 views.

878 visitors.


And, apparently, those last three stats are the stats just since the start of the new year.

o_O woah.

My month with the highest amount of views was August of last year, with 477 total views that month. Closely followed by this month, with a total of 399 views.

Pretty wicked if you ask me.

My stats page tells me that my highest viewed page (besides my home page) since the start of this year is the story To Be Trifled With and that my second highest is Lone wolf . Overall, my highest viewed story is Weekend Wolf, though those other two are right on its heels. I would tell you what my lowest viewed story is, but, to be perfectly honest, there are A LOT with only one view. Which, is sad, but, at the same time, I don’t have any posts with NO views, so that’s nice. But here’s a few of those one-only views, just for fun:


Figments of Us

Late Night Horrors

Abhorrent Light

Some of these are older, so enjoy the fact that they’re pretty unrefined compared to what I usually do nowadays. You might even compare them to what I do now and go “is this really the same person?”

Speaking of…

My first story? How to Brew a Snowstorm. An idea that I had been kicking around in my head for days before I finally just decided to bite the bullet, make myself a blog, and let the damned thing out of my head.


It wasn’t what inspired me to start this blog.

Back in those first few days, there were several stories running wild in The Land of Sailer Stories (my mind). The one that really tipped me over the edge and into the blogging world wasn’t that one though.

Base Encounters had been running around in my head for awhile. I’ve got PTSD, you see, and sometimes I just have downright horrifying thoughts. Thoughts that lie dormant until something triggers them. Memories best left alone lest I be paralyzed, a complete party pooper. Even over the course of just a year, I’ve gotten better. And, through my life, I’ve been able to recognize times when something is up with me, even if I couldn’t put a name or face to it. However, I wasn’t sure how to describe it to someone else. To make into something digestible for them. Not until the idea for this story came to me.

I didn’t re-read through it before I put the link up there, but I assume it’s grammar and writing style aren’t my best.


The metaphor still stands pretty true. For me, it’s a pretty accurate representation of what having PTSD is like. I’m sure it’s different for others—I didn’t come by my PTSD on a battlefield or anything, so I’m sure it’s different than what soldiers experience after coming home, but still.

If you like my stories, you’ve got those two to thank for them.

If it weren’t for those two ideas dancing in my head, I’d have never started this blog in the first place.

My tags have also gotten more refined over time. Instead of just posting things and going “where do I even put this? does it even matter?” I have tags!


Since I’ve created tags, the tag I use the most is Fantasy, totaling 37 stories being tagged in aforementioned category.

Honestly, not that surprising. Even before I started blogging, fantasy was kind of my thing and I tend to be pretty self-aware, I think.

Side not:

In this year, I’ve also published a book on Inkitt. It’s called Into the Wilderness, that’s the link right there, and it’s free to read right now. It’s currently standing at 1,186 reads on the site, and it’s only been up since January.



This has been an excellent time. I can’t believe I’ve come so far! It’s strange to look back on things I wrote a year ago and I can feel the difference. Originally, I started this blog as a way to let stories flow out of me, practice my writing skills, and do some self-therapy, and I’m so glad that I have people following along, watching and reading and enjoying this crazy nonsense that I blurt out every day.

Thank you.

All of you.

This has been a blast so far.

And I look forward to another year of creating this nonsense. Of letting this stuff flow.


Very importantly.

Another year of interacting with you all.

Truly and sincerely, this has been a blast.

And that’s thanks to you all.

Well, that was fun! I’ve got some more writing to do, so I’ll get to it. I just wanted to do some self-indulgent reflection, and, most importantly, say:

Thanks for being here folks.


14 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I have no idea, lol. If I recall correctly, someone boosted it right when I wrote it, and their site earned it quite a few views. After that, for some reason, people keep finding it. It’s a different take on little red riding hood, so maybe that intrigues people? I’m not quite sure

      Liked by 1 person

      1. While I was looking at your blog earlier I also took note of your output. I’m curious. What is your writing process like? Does all your ideas come from the shower? How long does it take you to write one post typically?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha, believe it or not, most of my shower thoughts wash down the drain. I’ve got a bad memory, and there’s so much going on in my head at any given time that it’s hard to catch anything if I don’t immediately put it down somewhere. That said, I usually have ideas triggered, either by a phrase or a song or something someone says to me that day. There was a story I wrote about the apocalypse simply because my little sibling said she wouldn’t survive the end of the world and, when I asked why, she said it was because she couldn’t open her gatorade. I thought it was hilarious and felt it deserved a story, so I went ahead and wrote a whole story revolving around that one bit of conversation. Sometimes the ideas come to me from songs, or simply images that pop into my mind while I’m listening. It’s a strange process, but, once I have an idea, it usually takes me about forty or so minutes to write and twenty or so to check/edit my work, make sure it makes some kind of sense, and then I publish it. Some days, I’m lucky to get one story out, other days I write out three or four. Some days, all I can do is start stories and finish them later when the rest of it comes together in my head. I have about 80 or so story beginnings in my drafts that I eventually need to finish. But sometimes, the inspiration just isn’t there, or it’s left me. So everything just kind of depends on my schedule and how my brain is functioning that day. I always post from my laptop though. It’s a lot easier for me to see the flow with a bigger screen. My phone screen is just so condensed, I feel like it makes me hurry the story along if I publish from there.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you for taking the time to write this. That apocalypse conversation you had with your sibling is hilarious. Where can I find that post?

        You just confirmed my writing process. I actually do that same thing. Recently I’ve been finding inspiration in music (a lot of Lana Del Ray). But I’m very judgmental in my writing whereas you seem to be more open. I think I should to ‘cause I may would have let that Gatorade conversation slip on by cause it wasn’t “big enough for a story.” So, do you adopt a stream of conscience style then edit it all down?

        Also, I believe SEO probably played a big part in that story being the most viewed since it’s a popular tale.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. https://hlsailer.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/knowledge-and-fire/ –thats the one. It starts off with the joke, but then it gets kind of heavy from there. I’d forgotten that there was a complete tone shift right at the beginning.

        And my style kind of stays the same, I think. Sure, I use different types of writing and write from different perspectives and times (past, present, etc.) but it all kind of feels the same, I think. I definitely have patterns I follow when it comes to writing. And generally I write everything down once and then go through it–see if there’s grammatical errors or spelling errors or if the pace is off or something–at least once before posting. Sometimes I do go through things a few times, if my read-through has been interrupted, or if there were a ton of changes or something.

        And absolutely! The best way to get past your own judgment is to write. Practice. Get better. Feel yourself making better sentence structures, explaining things like only out can, making stories that you’d like to read. I think that’s what matters most. Once you’ve made something that you think you, yourself, would pick up in a store, that’s when you start going easier on yourself. And that’s definitely not a bad thing. Every writer should love what they write, and, if you don’t, it doesn’t make you a bad writer. Generally, it just means you’re too mean to yourself. I used to be like that, too. But writing every day really helps (and it’s okay that not everyone can have such a heavy output. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to writing. Sometimes, writing means editing, or it means tweaking old stories, or it means solidly starting five or six stories in one sitting, and leaving them to be finished for another time.)

        Also, what is SEO? I’m not sure what that stands for, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Thanks again for explaining your writing process.

        SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All it means is you have key words/phrases in the post people have entered into a search engine like Google which led them to your post. You can find this in your dashboard where your stats are.

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