A wonderful man named George reminded me that I ought to do a book update, so you can all thank George for this one.

And I can, too:

Thanks George!

For those of you who don’t know, I wrote a book. It’s called Into the Wilderness and it’s by me, of course, and you can find it attached to those lovely highlighted letters there. It’s a story about survival, moon-fearing werewolves, and villainous vampires.

And a bit more, of course. But that’s the gist of the story.

Anyhow, I posted it on a site called Inkitt, and it’s been loads of fun. Inkitt is great because it keeps track of how many reads I’ve gotten and it allows me to see if it’s on someone’s personal reading list somewhere, and it even allows people to review my book and rate it.

Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Another nifty feature Inkitt has is:

If you get enough good reading behaviors, they’ll publish your book for you. Like, for real. For money.


Actual money???? For something I wrote????

Wowzer. Golly-gee mister, where do I sign up?

Inkitt, actually.

(Sorry for my bad jokes, they’re mostly for me.)

Anyway, how it works is:

The system keeps track of the people reading my novel. If it hits “x” amount of reading behaviors (the system says 1200, but who knows, technology is a liar sometimes) it will alert me. Let me know if people are actually reading, or if they’re logging on, reading the first page, and going “meh, this is bull hockey” and then moving on. And, sad to say, but I don’t know that information until I hit those 1200 reading behaviors. I don’t know if people are logging on and getting addicted, or if they’re logging on and then immediately signing off. I really don’t. And I won’t until I hit that magical number.

The other thing about that magical number:

Once I hit it?

It’ll let me know if they want to publish me or not.

Obviously, if I hit that number and it turns out that people are signing off, then they won’t want to publish me. There’s no value in my work if readers don’t find value in it.

But, on the flip side:

If it turns out that people like my book, they’ll publish it for me.

Which would be really spectacular.

Not that I don’t enjoy letting people read my stuff for free, but it would be nice to get something in return. Especially with something like that book. That took me a lot of time.

And, the crazy thing is:

I’m currently at 1138 reading behaviors.


Considering it’s in a “self-published” type of domain right now, and I don’t have too many followers, and I don’t have too much pull, that’s really saying something. That feels like a lot. Especially considering I only published it in January.

That feels like a lot.

Still, I’ve got a ways to go, but:

I feel much, much, much closer to my goal.

And (maybe unfortunately) I feel like getting published isn’t so far-fetched these days.


Or I might just be setting myself up for disappointment. (Wouldn’t be the first time, probably won’t be the last.)


You can help me not set myself up for disappointment.

(I would so appreciate that. I hate disappointment.)

If you haven’t read my book yet, and you’ve got time, and it sounds like a fun read to you—or if my work in general is fun for you to read, you might want to check it out. It’s like I wrote one big, long, werewolf-centric short story, so it isn’t too far off from some of the stuff I’ve posted here—please check it out. Or, if you don’t have time/it doesn’t pique your interests, then you can STILL help me out by finding someone who might be interested in something like that. Maybe someone who was Team Jacob back in the day, or someone who just likes werewolves and vampires in general. It’s free to read, so they really won’t be losing anything if they don’t end up liking it. Same goes for you, too. No matter who you are, you can read it for free (as of right now).

And, if you can’t help me out/don’t want to/don’t have time/don’t have resources, that’s okay. I’ll still love you.

However, your name might accidentally come up in some dark ritual I’m doing in the future.

No promises.

(jk, I don’t mess around with black magic, that’s bad juju)

Jokes aside though—as well as pleas for help—I do want to say thank you to you guys and gals. You’re all wonderful. I appreciate every time someone reads a post of mine, and I SUPER appreciate the comments. I appreciate my older followers, and my followers who are newer to this scene. I mostly do these short story posts to keep my writing skills sharp, and to challenge myself and keep my creativity flowing, but hearing from you guys, or seeing that you’re out there reading along, that makes me feel all kinds of good.

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart to the top:

Thank you.

And that’s it for this update! I’ll let you know what happens in the future (hopefully, George won’t have to remind me next time, lol, keeping tabs on me is a full-time job sometimes and I’m sure he could use a break).

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