So, for those that don’t know—and, for those that do—I wrote a book

It’s called Into the Wilderness, and it’s a story about survival, moon-fearing werewolves, and vampires that are more traditionally nasty. So far, the book has 989 reads.

Which is a lot.

To me, anyway.

So, because I’ve edited it a ton, and since Inkitt is taking its sweet time (probably just the universe doing its thing, really), I was thinking I’ll try querying again. Couldn’t hurt, right?


How the Inkitt thing works:

Supposedly, if I reach 1200 reads, my bar is full and Inkitt assesses my novel to see if they think it’s worth publishing. Now, that’s a bit confusing because 1200 reads is not the same as 1200 readers, and it’s not the same as my novel being read 1200 times. Essentially, every time someone logs on and reads my novel—whether in whole, or in part—that’s a read. So if someone reads one chapter and says “nah, not for me” that’s one read. If someone starts my novel and reads all of it at once, that’s also a read. Somehow, the system knows the difference, but I don’t. All I know is how many reads I have.

Apparently, the system knows if people are logging on and going “not for me” and dumping my novel. And, it knows if people are reading the first line and getting addicted.

But, somehow, I don’t get to know that info.

Not until I get 1200 reading behaviors overall.

So, the best way to help is:

Get the word out.

Share the story with people you know who might like it. Or people you don’t know who might like it. Or, you can also vote for the story. That’s another way to get my story published.

Either way, I’m extremely grateful to all of you. You guys are wonderful. I’m eternally grateful to all of you for reading along, and for encouraging me.

Thank you 🙂

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