Three Days, Three Song Lyrics Challenge

LAST DAY (cries).

This has been a lot of fun. Thanks to the britchy one, I got to take part in this fun challenge.Which, I must say, has actually been a challenge, because there are so many songs that I love and so many lyrics that I think are wonderful for so many reasons. Only choosing three is a little tough.



I have succeeded!

“There’s fire burning

Oh there’s pain in my desire

Keeps rising up

Gotta make it to my feet

There’s hunger yearning

And I think sometimes it’s tearing me up

As the setting sun comes crashing down on me

As the setting sun comes crashing down on me”

These are the (supposed) lyrics to the song Fire Burning by Secret Weapons, and I absolutely love Secret Weapons, and I absolutely love this song. They’re a smaller, lesser known band, so the lyrics are iffy and not official (and not exactly what I thought they were, and I’ve listened to the song at least a hundred times) but they’re good enough.

I love this song.

Whenever I need a boost on the way to work, I listen to it. On full blast (as loudly as I can without hurting my speakers, that is). It pumps me up, gives me something to hold onto, reminds me that I’m a survivor, I’m a fighter, and nothing can get me down. Not if I keep getting back up again.

So, yeah.

That’s the last bit of lyrics I’ll be sharing with y’all. For now, anyway. Who knows what the future holds?

But another big THANK YOU! to britchy for tagging me in this challenge. If you haven’t headed over to her blog, see the link above and definitely do that. Her stories are wild. I love them.

P.S. Picture is Secret Weapons’ album cover.

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