YEAH!!!! Book update

link is here 

Hey everybody! I haven’t done a book update in a few (time is irrelevant to me, so it feels like forever and somehow yesterday that I last updated, but I think its been longer, but I don’t know because, again, time seems irrelevant to me. Probably because the only thing breaking up my days is when I work at my other job, or my other other job, or my other other other job, as opposed to working my primary job, but, anyhow, I digress) and I’m REALLY stoked about this update because… well… I feel like I’m making headway.

*Knocks on wood*

Anyhow. The stats are currently at:

483 reading behaviors.

Which, for me is a lot.

And is super hecking cool.

I’ve got four good reviews on it, no negative feedback so far.

(Although I did have one person do a very, very thorough edit-type thing in which said person’s review was mostly Person complaining about the first chapter not having a lot of information—but if you read the first chapter, the character has been kidnapped. Like, kidnapped as in, like being taken from one place to another by unknown persons and not knowing what’s going on. Waking up in a strange situation, etc. So, like, yeah, it’s supposed to be disorienting and you’re not supposed to have a lot of info??? What did you expect??? But, anyway, I digress.)

That said, I have been doing another edit of my book. Currently I’m in the middle of re-editing chapter 8, when time allows and, let me tell you, time does not like to allow. Time is being very stingy of late.

I’m still plugging on through though, and that’s a slow process, but, it also made me realize how long my book was. It’s been, probably, three months since I last read through my book and, holy moly, I forgot how long it was. Personally, I think the book has gotten better (at least, the chapters I’ve edited through anyhow) even if it’s just marginally. And I’m usually pretty critical of my own writings and such.

Anyhow, that’s an update from my side of things.

So, for those of you who don’t know how it works, I will explain:

On Inkitt, you can post your book.

People will read it for free.

Once your book has a certain amount of reading behaviors (1200) they take a closer look at your book and see if they would like to help you publish it for real or not. Or if you get a lot of votes, they will consider you for publication. They want to publish a book that people will read, that people are thirsty for, and they (like most publishers/agents) don’t like taking chances. Hence the reading behaviors.

But reading behaviors don’t quite work like you’d think they would.

I explain:

So, if I click on Book and read one chapter and go “eh, not for me” it doesn’t matter that I only read one chapter, that’s one reading behavior. Author of book still gets a tally.

On the flip side:

If I get to reading and I go “HOLY MOLY THIS BOOK IS FOR ME GIVE ME-GIVE ME-GIVE ME” and read through the whole thing in one sitting, that is still only one reading behavior.

Seems unfair, but, hey, it is how it is and I’m sure there’s a reason for it.


The system knows the difference.

Unfortunately, I don’t. The only way I know that someone has read through my book, or likes it, is if they leave a review/vote for it. That’s really, truly, the only way I know. Yeah, people will add it to their reading lists or “currently reading” or whatever, and that seems promising, but they might place it there and forget about it. Which means the dilemma is:

I could get to 1200 reading behaviors and find out that only 5 people read all the way through the book and that, no, I will not get a publishing deal.


But, like I said, I won’t know until I get there.

I’ve been advertising on Facebook and stuff for the few months it’s been up (yeah, it’s been that long already, wowzer, I was shocked when I realized that) and I’ve been getting good traction through the places I’ve been advertising it at.


(and this is the real reason I wanted to do an update)




*insert live footage of my soul falling right out of my body the moment I saw that*

So, hopefully, that means that I’m getting good reads and that people really do like it and that people are actually reading through it.

Either way, I’m pretty stoked.

It definitely feels like an accomplishment.

Every time I go to Inkitt and see my book in one of the top three spots (which is where it’s been fluctuating) I get a little giddy and die a little bit more of happiness (in a good way, I swear). It makes me feel like there is CERTAINLY light at the end of this tunnel.

*knocks on wood again because I’m way more superstition than I let on or openly admit to*

So, now, after all that nonsense, here is the link for my book/author page on Inkitt.

I give out several different taglines each day (I tend to rotate through a few) to kind of help explain the main themes of the book, and here’s one:

It’s a story about survival, moon-fearing werewolves, and a school system that sucks.

Because, you know, it’s run by vampires?


Sorry, can’t stop the puns all the time. It’s just too much to ask for. My self-control has limits, you know.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know likes that stuff, or would be interested, please check it out or share it. Maybe if you know of some old-school Twi-hards that were Team Jacob back in the day, suggest it to them? It really heavily favors werewolves because… well, if you go back through my stories, you’ll understand. Or if you read that post I did for The Sunshine Blogger Award (courtesy of britchy) you’ll probably understand. Or if you know anyone that’s into werewolves vs. vampires, or just that stuff in general, see if they won’t give it a read. Or if you could give me a vote, that’d be swell too.

Anyhow, thanks for the support everyone! I absolutely LOVE doing this and I’m very grateful to those of you who have been following along for a while (like George and britchy and Little Fears). And I am ESPECIALLY grateful for new followers and anyone who even glances at my stories. It’s crazy to know that people are actually out there, reading my stuff, sometimes on a daily basis.

Thanks everyone!


10 thoughts on “YEAH!!!! Book update”

      1. Thanks!!! I think it took me six months. Or nine, if you’re also including this new edit. After I wrote it, I edited it twice before posting it and, now that my skills are a bit sharper, I’m going through and editing it again

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      2. Haha, it felt like forever when it was happening. I had to keep reminding myself that CS Lewis took 20 years when writing Till We Have Faces and that it was okay to take my time. Wasn’t like there was a deadline or anything

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